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How to register as a donor

The donation of tissue for research is of fundamental importance to furthering our understanding of the causes of multiple sclerosis and to developing more effective treatments for the disease.

You may be considering registering as a tissue donor yourself. We have prepared an Information Pack to help you find out more about what choosing to bequeath your tissue would involve. The Pack contains:

  • a copy of the MS Matters Insight article “Banking on the Future” (click to see the article)
  • a four-page information sheet entitled “Donation of Tissue to the UK Multiple Sclerosis Tissue Bank” (click to see the sheet)
  • a consent form to be completed by the person wishing to donate his/her tissue to research on multiple sclerosis
  • a form confirming that members of the donor’s family have no objection to the donation of tissue - to be completed by a member of the donor’s family
  • a simple health questionnaire
  • a FREEPOST envelope to use to send back completed forms should you decide to register on the donor scheme.

If you would like a copy of our Information Pack (there is no obligation to register) or would like to discuss the donation of your tissue, please contact Mrs Sue Fordham at the Tissue Bank (address below).

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The UK Multiple Sclerosis Tissue Bank
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The UK Multiple Sclerosis Tissue Bank is funded by the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, registered charity 207495.